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The Vision of Australian Labradoodle Association Japan

The Vision of Australian Labradoodle Association Japan

The vision of the Australian Labradoodle Association Japan(ALAJ) is to advise and guide all people who love the Australian Labradoodle (AL) while distributing information about the AL, in order to protect and nurture the AL and promote its full recognition as a pure breed in Japan cooperating with the association in Australia, the home country of the AL.

While we will be extremely strict about management of dog registration which is important to protect/nurture the breed, we will make efforts to eradicate genetic disorder through mating control of all the AL in the country based on hip and elbow dysplasia scores provided by Japan Animal Hereditary Disease Network (JAHD), a specified non-profit organization.

Background of the Foundation

Australian Labradooble Association Japan ALAJ Established 2012

The ALAJ will disseminate the AL, which has high intelligence and "allergy friendly"characteristics to inform more people of this great breed, and contribute to a wonderful relationship between people and the AL.

In addition, the ALAJ will fulfill its duty as an exclusive organization in Japan for AL breed registration and issuance of AL pedigree papers.


Overview of Association

Group Name
Australian Labradoodle Association Japan (ALAJ)
2-9, Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo TEL:03-3291-5741(Main number)
April 17, 2012
Akihiko Terada, Chairman
Stabilization, quality improvement, and dissemination of Australian Labradoodle

Content of Business

of Breed
Activities for protection and improvement of bloodline of Australian Labradoodle
and recognition of its genuine breed
of Pedigree
Registering and issuing certification and pedigree of Australian Labradoodle
of Publication
Planning and producing, and sales of publications specialized in Australian Labradoodle
Various Events
Holding events to enhance a close relationship between members and enlightenment
activities of Australian Labradoodles

Code of Ethics / Rules and Regulation

  • ALAJ Code of Ethics
  • ALAJ Rules and Regulation

ALAJ Exective Committee

Decision-Making Body

Decision-making bodies of the ALAJ include the general meeting of members and Executive Committee meeting.
The general meeting of members votes to appoint/dismiss members of the Executive Committee,
auditor-secretaries, and accounting auditors, and to change the articles of incorporation.
The Executive Committee meeting is run by the board of directors, who are appointed by the general meeting of members, to deliberate and resolve important agendas such as management related to operations prescribed
in the articles of incorporation.

Public Announcement and the like

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