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On this Website, we have confirmed the display and verified operations for the following browsers
to provide a safer and more comfortable use. The Website may not operate correctly under an environment other than the following verified environments.

  • We will promote support for the latest version of each browser for your convenience.
OS Browser
Windows At least Windows XP At least Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 10
Macintosh At least MacOS X At least Safari 4, Firefox 10
  • When you use the tab function in Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc. and operate the same function on this
    Website at the same time from multiple tabs, some failures, e.g. the selected content is taken over to a different tab, might occur
    Please refrain from operating multiple tabs at the same time.
  • Preview releases, beta versions, and full browsers mounted on mobile phones shall be excluded from the operations guarantee.
  • If you use an non-Japanese OS, some Japanese characters may be garbled.